Restaurants in Quincy, IL That Locals Love

Fine dining long table with lanterns. Large table set with white linens and gold runners down center of table

I decided to share some restaurants in Quincy, IL that locals love and always go back to. Quincy has many restaurants that have stood the test of time and have remained landmarks in the community. Sure, we have the chain restaurant we love but, Quincy is not lacking in the local delicious restaurants. Ask anyone … Continued

Downsizing Tips for Empty Nesters

Rear view of an affectionate, mature couple with their bicycles, standing on the sand at the beach. The man has his arm around the woman's waist and they are looking at each other, smiling and talking.

Empty nesting is a paradox of celebration and sadness rolled into one. Your little ones have become adults and set out on their own. While this means you no longer need to worry about driving everyone everywhere, cooking for a full house, cleaning up after others, and footing the bill for substantial recreation costs, it … Continued

Tax Benefits of Buying a Home

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You shouldn’t buy a house just because you’ve heard about the tax breaks or incentives. However, when you do purchase a piece of real estate and enter the world of homeownership, the tax deductions are worth your attention. Whether your home is a condo or co-op, mobile home, single-family house, or townhouse, any housing structure … Continued

Tips to Staging a Home to Sell

When preparing to sell your home, staging is a critical part of the process. To stage your house means to dress your house to the nines. Your goal is to woo buyers, to make them swoon over the property, to have them fall in love with the idea of living and making memories in the … Continued

Guide to Buying Land for Hunting

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When you’re a huntsman, you may share the dream of other hunters, which is to own private property for hunting. You may envision owning a piece of land that you’ll learn like the back of your hand – a personal wooded paradise. But before you set your sights on purchasing that real estate, take the … Continued

Things to Do in Quincy

Statue of John Wood overlooking Quincy History Museum

Quincy, Illinois is rich in history, art, and culture. The downtown Quincy Historic District is a nostalgic collection of historic buildings housing modern businesses, restaurants, museums, shops, galleries, and more. The South Side German Historic District features stunning architecture in a charming atmosphere. Here are a few things to do in Quincy that you can … Continued