When you’re a huntsman, you may share the dream of other hunters, which is to own private property for hunting. You may envision owning a piece of land that you’ll learn like the back of your hand – a personal wooded paradise. But before you set your sights on purchasing that real estate, take the time to understand the steps to buying land for recreational use. Here’s a guide to buying land for hunting.


Hunting land shown at sunset

As with any real estate purchase – whether for a house to live in or land to hunt on, you need to know what you can afford to buy. What you’re qualified to borrow and what you can afford is not the same thing. You’ve got to figure in all of your expenditures from your new loan payment all the way down to the fuel, ammo, and snacks you purchase on your way to your property.  Don’t commit to something you can’t afford just because you’re over zealous about becoming a landowner. Take your time. Crunch your numbers. Be realistic.

In the case of recreational properties, it’s not uncommon to partner up with a fellow hunter, a friend you can trust, who can share not only the price of the land but also the responsibilities of maintaining the grounds.  But tread lightly – business and pleasure don’t always mix, and if you’re going to have a partner, it’s got to be someone with whom you’re rock solid – and even then, the terms and conditions of your agreement need to be ridiculously well defined in writing. Who physically makes the payment to the lender? What is the schedule for sharing the resources?


Real estate transactions should always begin with pre-approval for the loan unless the buyer is paying cash. However, finding funds for a vacant piece of land may be harder than you’d think. In fact, you may need to do some digging to find a lender who specializes in the type of property you’re trying to buy – recreational land or farmland. If you’re applying for the loan with a buddy, then know the process will take longer and require more from both parties.

Hunting Down the Right Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agentHunting ground with hunter's stand should love the land as much as you do, should know the hunters’ way so he or she can understand your dreams and help you bring them to fruition.

Whether you find your agent through a referral from a friend or via an internet search, it’s important to do your homework. Research the agent, interview agents to size up their credentials and their personalities. Choose an agent with whom you can communicate comfortably about your goals, desires, and plans for purchasing your hunting property.

Create Your Wish List

A hunter’s wish list is probably going to look considerably different from the wish list of someone seeking out a nest to call home. You’re less worried about hardwood floors and more interested in trees. You’re not concerned about granite countertops, but about the division of land between woods for hunting and grounds suitable for planting. Know your acreage, the split of land types you’re after, location, access to the property. Be specific. Get detailed. Don’t jump the gun and risk shooting yourself in the foot by buying something that doesn’t suit you just because you were trigger-happy over the idea of owning land.

Try it Before You Buy it

Walk the grounds. When you find a piece of land you love, check it out. When possible, get down in the trenches and try it on for size. Scope out the area for features you want. You may also want to investigate the cultures and customs of neighbors. Some fellow landowners may have a different moral compass than yours and could cut into your supply of game.

Make the Offer

You’ve set your sights on a goal, planned and prepared financially, sought out the right agent, shopped for land, did your homework, and you’re ready to pull the trigger. Your real estate agent will help you submit and negotiate offers on the land you love.

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