Quincy, Illinois is rich in history, art, and culture. The downtown Quincy Historic District is a nostalgic collection of historic buildings housing modern businesses, restaurants, museums, shops, galleries, and more. The South Side German Historic District features stunning architecture in a charming atmosphere. Here are a few things to do in Quincy that you can dip your toes into. There is great history, art, and culture all around Quincy.

Villa Katherine

Villa Katherine with blue sky and beautiful flowers

You may choose to begin your adventures in Quincy at the Villa Katherine, the tourist information center housed in a spectacular 1900’s castle featuring Islamic architecture on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. The historic building serves as the information center, but also offers educational tours, and can be rented for special events. Villa Katherine is located at 532 Gardner Expressway in Quincy, Illinois 62306. For more information, call 217-224-3688.

The Quincy Museum

The Quincy Museum

Explore local history in a remarkable venue at the historic Newcomb-Stillwell Mansion. Three floors in a stunning building present a plethora of exhibits, artifacts, and stories spanning a multitude of historic topics including World War I, Native American history, dinosaurs, wildlife, archaeology, Motorola radios crafted in Quincy from 1948-1975, and more. The Quincy Museum is located at 1601 Maine Street in Quincy, Illinois 62301. For more information, call 217-224-7669.


The Dr. Richard Eell’s House

Constructed by Dr. Richard Eell in 1835, the home was a safe haven for runaway slaves as a stop in the Underground Railroad. Dr. Eell’s dedicated himself to the anti-slavery movement, serving as the president of the anti-slavery party in 1843. His work to aid slaves brought him from riches to rags. Now the oldest two-story structure in Quincy, the Dr. Richard Eell’s House is situated at 415 Jersey Street in Quincy, Illinois. For more information, call 217-223-1800.

All Wars Museum

This museum features more than 5,000 artifacts from every US military conflict from the country’s first birthing pains of the Revolutionary War to the most recent “War on Terrorism”. The Illinois Veterans Home at Quincy has been gathering and showcasing the history of American wars for more than 30 years. The All Wars Museum is located at 1707 N. 12th Street in Quincy, Illinois 62301. For more information, call 217-222-8641.

1930s AG MuseumJohn Deere tractor on road pulling trailer

Step back in time to the 1930s for a close up gander at John Deere agricultural equipment and a tour of a typical 1930s farmhouse. The 1930s AG Museum operates by appointment only. The museum is located at 1435 Boy Scout Road in Quincy, Illinois 62305. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 217-223-5099.

 Quincy Community Theater

This theater is a performing arts center featuring five major productions and three student productions in addition to educational classes, workshops, scholarships, and internships for local talent. The Quincy Theater is located at 300 Civic Center Plaza Suite 118 in Quincy, Illinois 62301. For more information, call 217-222-3209.

The Quincy Art Center

The Quincy Art Center white buildingOpened in 1923, the Quincy Art Center is situated in an 1887 carriage house with a modern twist, featuring a variety of permanent and rotating exhibits featuring the creative works of local artists. The Quincy Art Center is located at 1515 Jersey Street in Quincy, Illinois 62301. For more information, call 217-223-5900.

But Quincy is more than a blast from the past with artistic embellishments. The area’s residents also know how to have adrenaline-rushing fun. Here are a few modern things to do in Quincy for residents of all ages.

Scotties Fun Spot

Get your game face on! Enjoy mini golf, go karts, laser tag, bumper cars, roller skating, roller hockey, roller derby, mini lane bowling, and more all wrapped up in one resource of unlimited fun with an on-site place to grab some grub. Scotties Fun Spot is located at 8000 Broadway Street in Quincy, Illinois 62305. For more information, call 217-222-3868.

Going Bonkers

Fun is the name of the game at Going Bonkers featuring a playground, arcade, games, an adult area, and a restaurant. Going Bonkers is located at 229 N. 48th Street in Quincy, Illinois 62035. For more information,

call 217-223-6331.

Quincy, Illinois offers more than 30 parks, in addition to a variety of amenities and resources such as spas, fitness and yoga centers, golf, movie theaters, boutiques, shopping malls, and a slew of locally owned and operated restaurants and small businesses. Explore the rich history, the artistic culture, the local charm, and the modern creature comforts available in Quincy, Illinois.

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